Quality Certificates


We work with the most advanced state-of-the-art Italian CNC machines.

Machine List

  • Brio CNC x 2
  • Brio Soeasy x 2
  • Lexta CNC x 1
  • Özmaksan Face, Glaze, Polish
  • MKS Automatic Caliber, Polish
  • Flow Waterjet x 2
  • Pellegrini Wire Cutting
  • Omag 5 Axis Blade-5
Quality Certificates

Our Warranty Policy


We offer a life time maintenance, repair and after-sales services for the projects whose commitment has been fulfilled by our Company.

* We have a warrant period of 5 years for floor and 10 years for wall coating excluding concrete and usage errors arising from natural disasters and construction site.



Price and Quality Principles


  • 'Quality First' is a sine qua non for us.
  • We prefer competing with quality, not with price. 
  • We quote a price not to win a project, but to carry it out. Each Company quotes a price for the work they will carry out.
  • We can state that we do not have a marketing department.
  • We stand in business based on the references of our customers. Thus our work speaks for us instead.
  • So the works we have already carried out stand as a guarantee of the things we offer.
  • Majority of the projects we undertake is the companies and people we worked beforehand.
  • Completion of the project on time after undertaking it is the biggest profit for us.
  • Our customers are also our friends.
  • Our colleagues are our family members. We take care of their needs. We sit on the same table and eat from the same plate.
  • We always purchase first class export quality of the marble and the material to be used.
  • We cannot work on ready-made products.
  • We work on special orders with tailor-made designs.
  • We have a staff of total 90 people, 55 of which are working at the office and manufacturing facility, and 35 are at the construction site.
  • We do not undertake any work over our capacity to maintain our quality standards.
  • We always keep a local and imported natural stone stock of about 20,000 m² in our warehouse.

Basic Principles

We act upon the principle assuming that the things we have already done are guarantee for the things we will do; we believe that our customers are our biggest assets as reference; we also act upon the significance of health, and occupational safety as well as vocational training, ensure equal conditions for everyone working under the same roof, adopting a participant and stable management policy which values ideas, and we assume that the work we carry out will speak up not with price but with work quality, and we know that work should be performed duly.

We pay close attention to the significance of timing, adhere to the duration of work and act in accordance with the contract. We select first class products complying with the project before marble and natural stone labor and we completely follow export, plate and vein. We carry out productions in accordance with the given project for ex-works projects and deliver the product without any damage as packed in a way to be appropriate for safe transportation. We ensure that our customers can use our productions for a long time and we also promise continuity of this harmony. Even if the warranty period ends, we meticulously repair damages arising from usage in works we did on request of our customers  and renew the product.

Thanks to our mastership, we design and create reference products for future generations. We closely follow world marble technology, represent our brand in the best way by attending fairs in Turkey and abroad. We value human health and environmental safety above everything else, and we never undertake any work that we cannot carry out as we have promised.