Alkan Mermer ve Granit


Father N. Dursun Alkan and his eldest son Sezai Alkan established Alkan Mermer, carrying out marble application and assembling works for many projects with success both in Turkey and across the world. At the time the family was active in a small workshop of 70 m² they had rented in Kadıköy Fikirtepe in November,  1974.

Setting off  with a manual cutting machine and a finishing machine 43 years ago, the father N. Dursun Alkan and the four brothers established Alkan Mermer Ltd.  In 1998, the company gained speed and improved quality in its activities under the name of Alkan Mermer ve Granit Sanayi A.S. in which two brothers Sezai Alkan and Musa Alkan became shareholders and co-directors in a closed storage area of 2.900 square meters of which 2.000 square meters is open area and 3.500 square meters is closed area.   


Alkan Mermer Granit, gathering advanced technology and mastership with a quality product range, aims at providing a service quality that will set an example for the sector and the World in living spaces and projects where they bring about aesthetics of marble.


Alkan Mermer Granit, with the awareness that customer satisfaction is not only providing the quality demanded by the customers, aims at offering products that will appeal to end consumers with self-improving designs which keep a close track of time.